Japanese Restaurant of lunch box and lunch ,dinner

Kappougi’s concept is Japanese home cooking

kappougi is a Japanese home cooking restaurant of the business area.
 It is a Izakaya of Jpanese home cooking at night.
 A lunch and a 500 yen lunch box are extreme popularity at noon.
 Kappougi’s concept is Japanese home cooking.
 It is a restaurant to be relieved whenever you come.
 It is the Japanese Restaurant which is most suitable to eat a dish at all-you-can-drink free.

 Dinner course that was included Platter cuisine ,Assortment of Sashimi,Rice dish.
 It is from 3,000yen with ‘All you can drink free plan’.

 The taste of omelette is heart warming one , it is baked After having received orders.
 You would be get a power for tommorow , by eating Japanese home cooking.

 Kappougi is the most suitable ,for luncn and dinner with agreeable fellows.
 It is the Japanese Restaurant where you are going stop also today.

A lunch and three dishes set meals are very popular

Lunch Time

Asti restaurant
AM 11:30~PM2:00
Tokeidai restaurant
AM 11:00~PM2:00

700 yen lunch
You can select 3 dishes from several kinds of side dishes.
1 Main dish,2 kobachi(small bowl). It includes japanese pickles,miso soup.

So you can order rice, miso soup, coffee several times , and you can select large rice bowl,
You would be full and satisfied.
Against it, you can select small rice bowl.

We are preparing reasonable dinner course at night, please eat it.

500yen lunch box and lunch box for meeting

 We are preparing 500,550,600yen lunc box.

 It’s very popular, becouse it’s reasonable and delicious

 Also because kappougi is located sapporo’s best business area,
 The lunch is sold out to the people such as female office workers immediately every day. Please come to by it at early time.

Lunch Box for meeting

We are preparing lunch box for meeting.
The price of the lunch for meetings is from 700 yen. We cook a lunch according to a budget.

It is the guide of the dish of kappougi

kappougi is cokking dish by using a choice sea food and vegetables, edible wild plants, edible fungus and other ingredients.

A plate of kushi-katsu
Kushi-katsu is pork cutlets on skewers. this plate has 5 kinds of it.
pork,beef,prawn, cuttlefish, asparagus
A salada of tomato and cheese , asparagus
It is cool one dish using the seasonal asparagus and a fresh tomato.
Horumonyaki of beef cattle
Grilled beef cattle tripe. It melts away in a mouth.

There are many table seats,counter seats and small private rooms in a spacious room

We are reparing spacious table seats and counter seats healed by staff like a tender mother in our store.
 I’m sure anyone could relax in sitting room (zasiki seat), even a small number of people is OK .

   table seat
Its atmosphere is a japanese popular pub .
I’m sure anyone could relax healed by staff like a tender mother.
   sitting room
It is called zasiki seat. Complete private room. even a small number of people is OK.
You will be eating and drinkking in the relaxed mood.
  tokeidai restaurant 
Tere are many table seats,long counter seats,small privte rooms.